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Addict Lyrics

Arno Rush – Addict Lyrics

Time between the seconds, time I always see
When I reach the promised land, I’ll be free

How did I end up here?
A maze, a trap, or the end of the line?
Lost in time, don’t even know the year
From where do they appear, within this wicked mind of mine
Situation dire, the level of the challenge I admire
It’s time to die, but instead I live and fly
Mind paralyzed nerves traumatized
A plan to destroy me, they snapped
Soul demoralized death revolutionized

An hour is a day, filling time with dismay
Cornered and trapped
They say it’s harmless, wont harm a fly
Give it your best shot or else you die
An epidemic on humanity, total insanity
Reigning terror on every child, all the while Satan smiled
Chaos, amidst the youth of our time,
Wipe out the future, say it’s no crime
Where does it all end, if there is such a thing?

Wonders of paranoia it will surely bring!

Slowly I found, pressure all around
Poison slipped in, and consumed the flesh
Lost lamb in struggle,
Taking place, everywhere, hell to face
Insidious hindrance
Your mind it tries to divide, only darkness will it provide
Fate of an addict, only you decide
A battle where spirit and flesh collide
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