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Psyclone Hak Lyrics

Arno Rush – Psyclone Hak Lyrics

The search for sin, never ends
Your head cut off, by my own hand
Awaken, only to get high
Without the fix, it’s time to die
Underneath, the influence
Irrational, incompetence
Try to take away, my freedom
In my world, charge is treason
Sobriety I knew, causing fear,
Temptations, you can hear
Lies in my testimonies,
My nights filled with narcotic ceremonies

Fearing time, willing to commit the crime
Withdrawals they send
Wondering, when the day will end
Memory loss, as you burn away the cells
Underneath the spells, in your mind it all dwells
I’ve seen, the body can rot, in the end, I never got caught
The world steals away my hope
Seeing enemies at the end of the rope

Lock me in a cage, to one day face the rage
Boastful and proud, arrogant and loud
Befriend you first, kill you later
The hounds of hell, I will send
I don’t trust anybody, till the end

With fire, I love to play
Mix whiskey with hells bells
Conformity confusion, alienation from the truth
Drugs add to the illusion
Bitter till the end
Always alone, memories distraught
In my world, I hide
Laughing at the day I turn the tide
Psyclone Hak’s the name, fighting you is the game!
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