[(Verse 1)]

Sittin in my room, riminiscin bout you
Thinkin bout the best way to say I love you
I wrote you another song, you have been gone so long
Left me here alone, to think about what went wrong
You left me, I can't think, now I'm sittin on the edge
Of this ledge, on the brink, thoughts of you run through my head
Now I only cry, I think I'm gonna die
Why you left me, I can only wonder why
Are you ever comin back? I can only wonder that
Each and every day, and everytime that I rap
I can't breathe, I can't see, unless you are here with me
But tears run, it's not fun, until you come back to me


I can see it coming clearer
Everytime that I look in the mirror
All my love is what you're taking
I can feel my hear still breaking


Girl you really left me
I can't say it's over
But I've really got to know
Are you ever comin back to
Me? I really love you
What to do, I just don't know

[(Verse 2)]

Thinkin about the time we spent together
Wonderin what to do, or how to make it better
As I sit and read all of your old letters
I can't help but think that you are all that matters
I'd give anything to be with you again
So much more that just your good friend
I want to give you a new wedding band
I want us to be married in the end
So I really need to know the answer to
This question that I have to ask you
Do you still love me as true
As you said that you used to
If you do, will you come back to me
That would make me so very happy
Just come back and then you will see
That you've always belonged with me


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Can't Believe You're Gone Lyrics

A.O.N. – Can't Believe You're Gone Lyrics