{Chorus [x2]}

Clap one, clap two, then snap it out
Grind heavy, push steady, gon work it out
(Hey!) Getcha pocket swoll on
(Hey!) Getcha pocket swoll on

[Verse:] - Hustler

Look at the hustle from a different angle
I wear my block, magic, like I'm Criss Angel
I rap for funds dude, I don't rap for fun
Got my corner on lock, mouthpiece, beater guns
J- side homie, I'm a rap game hustler
Watch em come up, call the block my customers
Real life, real talk, long as I stay breathin
Long as my cake re-up, I'ma stay eatin
Ayy! I know you know about it bro
Work it how it go, that's the only way I roll
That grass in my yard, same color as my dough
And these kicks on my feet, same color as snow
Yep! I gotta mind of a go getter
So cold with it, call me Old Man Winter
Ayy! Flow kinda feel like water
Tell em what it do, that mean yo boy go harder

{Chorus [x2]}

[Verse 2:] - Angelus of Nex (A. O. N.)

Getcha pocket swoll on, get it goin strong
Runnin it all day long, from dusk till dawn
Yeah my pocket's real fat, you can't handle that
So heavy that it hurts my back, carryin these paper stacks
Hail from the dirty south, no grill up in my mouth
You say that all you spit is fire? Bitch I'll stomp it out
Bitch I gotta lotta swag, put it on every track
You say you don't like my shit?
Bitch whatever you can kiss my ass
Sound like I got terrets, I'm always in a mess
Losin everyone of my friends cause I'm winnin all these bets
Bitch they call me money man, I get that paper in my hand
I spread my game across the land, like a can of deviled ham
I'm doin this to get a deal, and get them paper bills
And put it in my jeans until all of my pocket's filled
So go and get your shine on, so go and get your roll on
But when you listen to this song, get your pocket swoll on

{Chorus [Repeat til end]}
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Getcha Pocket Swoll On Lyrics

A.O.N. – Getcha Pocket Swoll On Lyrics