I'm at the end of my rope
And know
That I won't go
No way
There is no hope
I will not choke
I'll spray
Know that I don't
Just play
You better go
Run away
Cause I'm at the end of my rope today

{Verse 1}

You all
Know me right?
The same
Old freak mic
Creepin in your dreams to make sure you all sleep tight
Never gonna be right
Climbin up street lights
To spy down on some people every freakin 3 nights
OD'in Tylenol
Feelin really wild an all
I dropped some in the floor
Best believe I'll find em all
I'm only here to shock and awe
Grabbin my cock and balls
Got 8 Loratabs
Best believe that I'll pop em all
This song is freakin crazy
Like Pourterical ladies
Poppin out tons of babies
Walkin round in LA see
This is song is different for me
I'm walkin round real awnry
My girl is always horny
She keeps it real wet for me
No liquor gets me queasy
But it makes your mom real easy
I tapped her all night long
Ask her if you don't believe me
You can see my style has change
It is almost rearranged
If you think that it's strange
You can just go stab your brain

{Verse 1}

The worlds gone to hell
Oh well
I'll go with it
Meet the Devil
And knock him out
Bare fisted
Take him out
And rule Hell
Completely twisted
That's nothin
That's just gon be
My first visit
That's exactly
How I feel in present times
I'm slidin more than climbin
No matter how hard I try
All this pinin and rewindin
Is makin me wonder why
And I'm never gonna die
Until you see pigs fly
But wait man
What about when you become famous
And everybody loves you
And everything is the greatest?
Man shut cha mouth
There aint nobody carin bout me
Man just get out
I'm not gone be a famous MC
I do this stuff for me
I do it to make a point
Why can't nobody see?
Are yall smokin on a joint?
The words that come from me
Are just to be of service
I wan't her to see me
That is the main purpose


{Verse 2}

The rope's end
The end of my rope
I think I'm
Gonna use it to give you a good choke
Then I will
Leave the room and go smoke me some dope
And then I'll
Light the whole world up in smoke
I'm gonna
Fly away
Like a kite today
And then I'll
Smoke so much
I'll stay high for days
You know it's
Coming time for judgement day
And I'm gonna
Make sure every one of yall pay
I'm like a sun set
Only darkness follows me
My life is a black abyss
That slowly swallows me
And if it comes to it
I'll take the world too
You're all comin with me
This whole world will be through
1, 2, 3 to the 4
If you hear knockin
That's me at your door
You know I'm hear to taint you
To your core
If you resist once
I'll be back for more

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This Rope Lyrics

A.O.N. – This Rope Lyrics