Verse 1:
A quarter is what they look for,
They can’t get the full picture,
That amount is for the poor,
They didn’t lesson to the lecture.

Verse 2:
Do you like being the one out of four,
That tries but never got it all,
Climbed but ended with a fall,
Stands up but not too tall,
Afraid to hear that LOL.

Verse 3:
You can’t reach the ceiling if you crawl,
Can’t reach the sky if you’re below,
You can’t be high if you’re low.

Verse 4:
Get up if you want more,
Stop looking at the mirror,
Move your eyes from the floor,
Get your feet nearer and nearer,
Use force to open that door,
Smash the layer and get to the core,
Be number one not four,
Don’t want to be poor?
Rip the paper that was written before,
Remember who you are,
Have no doubt in your skill,
Hone it, build the bridge,
Cross it, not with fingers crossed, hoping for the best,
Try so hard so that you can no longer sweat,
What is there to fret?
Get 100% of life, not 25%.
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25% Lyrics

Amias Davies – 25% Lyrics