Heart freezes and withers,
Tears used to bring rivers,
But feelings still shivers,
And coldness slithers,
It cuts bonds with scissors,
Freezes even feathers,
The coats of all weathers,
Stone cold, no letters,
No tears, not from peppers.

Cold breezes, no layers,
From books come faded papers,
The silencer of all slayers,
Can show you the vapours,
Will freeze all players,
Showing no favours.

Winter comes from within,
Creeps in with a grin,
The white hole that has a twin,
Spits out what was once in a bin,
Rips off your skin,
The mask ritual will begin,
Everything around you will spin,
Broken walls from Berlin,
All because you forgot a pin,
A pin that holds you in,
Keeps you together like a shin,
Dislocate and it will win,
It’s all about when.
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Winter Lyrics

Amias Davies – Winter Lyrics