Verse 1:
You start to have doubt in yourself,
You look at the possible,
And you store your feelings in a shelf,
You look at her like it’s impossible,
And yet you still want to try,
You talk and share laughs,
But when it comes to that question you stop, and you don’t know why,
There are no other paths,
You make a statement and go on with your life,
But those three words and the question are so hard,
You’re scared of being stabbed with a sharp knife,
You’re scared of being scarred.

You wonder what to do,
You revise your conversations,
You wonder if your ‘friendship’ has grew,
You don’t want a narration.

Verse 2:
You decide on one thing,
To just say it, without running,
There are others that will always sting,
If you get locked on one girl you will find it stunning,
You have to realize that there will always be one for you,
Maybe not now, but she will come for you,
It’s not like you’ll only meet a few,
You will find number one, and you have to treat her better than two,
Everything I say is true,
Never give up,
Don’t try too hard,
Be yourself,
Be confident,
And smile at the face of rejection.
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How-To Ask A Girl Out Lyrics

Amias Davies – How-To Ask A Girl Out Lyrics