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Dreams Die Young Lyrics

Ameer Vann – Dreams Die Young Lyrics

If you could do anything
If you could have your questions answered
If you could sleep at night
If you could talk to him or her
If you could get them to understand
If you could make another dollar, if you could run faster
If you could reach the water's surface
If your fingers could reach up and break the surface of the tar
If you could—for a moment, just a moment—feel the breeze caressing
Dancing around your fingers, the warm sunlight kissing your skin
You'd feel like in that moment, you could breathe through your fingertips
See through them, even
Hear birds chirping, see the trees sway
Hear the roar as they whisper their secrets in the wind
But what if you didn't give up?
What if you clawed your way out?
What if you dug at that black muck with your teeth and your nails and every ounce of your being until you grab the deep roots of a tree
And pulled yourself out
Out of the gutter, out of the streets
Out of the clutches of death itself
Emerge on the banks as alive as you have ever been
The air a little fresher, the sky not so far away

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