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A Wizard Told Me Lyrics

Ameer Vann – A Wizard Told Me Lyrics

Yeah, girl, you're so goddamn fine
I take you to Red Lobster
You know what I'm saying
And I'll pay
You ain't even got to go half with me on the check
I just got my stamps here
I send that EBT card, no charge
You know what I'm saying
You see me, you've got something to tell me

[Verse 1: Ameer Vann]
If you love me
Let me know
'Cause I could be your homie
Both ain't got no place to go
But together
You know that old saying
'Bout a bird and a feather
I just hope we last forever
We could run away forever
Our broken pieces
They fit together
And when you smile
You change the weather
And I ain't seen the sun in a while
But I can feel it on my skin
When you touch me
That's love
And you're an angel from above
And I'm on angel dust
Thinking you the one
And I can feel it in my blood
Cut it, let it run
Catch a dove, clip its wings
Watch this broken thing fly
Young love we feel inside
Secrets kept by you and I
Are locked away for us to keep
And I don't sleep
But I know that I'ma dream
And see you every night
The subconscious of my mind
Still drowning in the ocean of your eyes
And the amber of your hair
But I'm really not there
And you still not here
I wish I was more aware

I wish god could fucking hear me
A little more clearly
'Cause I'm getting sick of screaming
Waiting on a savior
I don't need no one to save me
I thought you sent an angel
But all I see is demons
Don't you hear me praying?
Look, I'm sorry for my anger
But you the one who made me
And threw me in the desert
I'm just praying for a change in the

[Verse 2: Ameer Vann]
Nothing major
I'd settle for a blizzard or a breeze
Just a break from the heat, an oasis just for me
Turned to sand in my hands
Staring through the looking glass
I see through deceit
All the holes you left in me
Just expect my ship to sink
Anyway, either way
I pray my coffin lined in mink
I pray my dreams be made of silk
And my love be made of gold
She took it all from me
But she ain't rob me of my soul
I got these women in my phone
For the lonely in my bones
And even when they cum
I still feel alone
I still feel alone

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