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Rabbits Lyrics

Ameer Vann – Rabbits Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ameer Vann]
Awesome, nauseous
Post-demonic masochism this what they call it
Nailing hoes in coffins
Turning schools to orphans
This is what they call it
A little bit sadistic
Gave your bitch this dick
A sinner so sinister the ministers never mentioned
How something so vicious could be so gifted with the diction
While sipping on the medicine wrote the first drafts of Oedipus
So eloquent with elegance my goons got that silk shirt etiquette
Once equipped we are the deadliest nemesis since the serpent of Genesis
I know you hearing this
Aimin' at your head we're never missing shit
So take a sip of turpentine
Mouth full of shrooms just trying to find my fucking mind
Notebook full of line just trying to find a fucking rhyme
Red dot between your eyes leaves your third eye blind

[Verse 2: Kevin Abstract]
Fuck what you heard Dodi Mob is in this bitch
Still sipping windex like I'm tryna see my kids
Screaming to the mountain tops knowing you won't hear me
Tear it down, break it down, fuck the town and the dro
Ring around, ring around but bring around a few hoes
We don't already know
We can try and expose them to new shit
That we made in the lab
Fiddle fad, pen and pad
Feeling bad for an era tryna recreate an era that is filled with tons of errors
AliveSinceForever should be what you niggas scared of
Spit these words bare bruh
I said

[Outro: Kevin Abstract]

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