Time is ticking so there's no thinking just winning
For you can keep healing
All the things that you have past
On don't you know that has made you strong
Cause without no life or support you
Would just think to give it up
But if you keep moving then you
Will get through there are big steps
But you know what to do.

Time is ticking so don't you give
It up time is ticking yea I know
It get's rough but time is ticking and
There no more chances
What we have is our strenght within,
Time is ticking there's no running back
Time is ticking and I know you know
That time is ticking so you gotta
Move on don't you know what happens time is ticking.

What you do is all upon you cause
Don't nobody makes you do what you do
Everyday you do the same thang but you
Can change it all if you understand
When things are so rough and you know
You can't get tough don't you stop trien
On you just keep moving on
And when you think you have it all
But when you relize and
You turn back you think you bout to fall

Time is ticking there's no holding
On time is ticking just keep on moving
On time is ticking ain't nothing
Putting you down time is ticking no
Time to mess around time is ticking
And that is a fact time is ticking I
Know you kno-o-ow that time is ticking
And there's no time to waste if you
Belive in yo self then you could make it

Everybody needs some help and
You know you can't do it by yoself
I belive in you and you belive
In me what you really do is just what I see
It's really not up to me to tell
You what is wrong cause
If you listen to our inspiration song
Then you know we were right all along

Time is ticking so don't you give
It up time is ticking yea I know
That it get's rough time is ticking do you
Think you had enough but when
You pull on you will see and get up,
Time is ticking there's no running
Back time is ticking and yes that
Is a fact time is ticking ther's no
Time to waste if you belive in
Yoself then you could make it,
Time is ticking there's no holding time
Is ticking I was with you
All along time is ticking I kept yo
Beside me time is ticking I'm all in yo need
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Time Is Ticking Lyrics

Alvin Grisham – Time Is Ticking Lyrics