looking at the past of my life
and i thought it was messed up then
i got a thought in my head that had
me thinking that it was all on me
i never thought that it be like that when
i got out in the real world
lost, confused, drowned, and don't know
what to do that's when i had found, found some
real love that showed me the way and now im feeling
all better or so that's what i say
somewhere deep inside me is just broked down
but can i realease it i dont know how i wanna
let it go but hey it stayed grouned
get away from the sorrow and pain but it rebound
it's way beck inside of me and don't wanna leave
do exsercism on me to make me scream get it out
of me so i can jus leave so i can live my right
dream and found the part of me
that move up to the sky and not looking back
let all the anger go and just whith that
i am strong and i know but it making me blow
my self-esteem it's not listning to me
how hard it could be
let me think for a minute maybe it can be true that
i know a way but will i be through
in this lifetime din't want it to happen that's
why im saying that it always gonna happen
cause im scared of the lost the hurt
and the pain and the agony it to much for
me that's why it get at me
im trying to maintain this lifestyle that
im living but know it hurting my head
and im thinking about leaving!!!
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The Rap Lyrics

Alvin Grisham – The Rap Lyrics