I love Disney channel yes I do!
The laughter and all the action and
Craziness just makes my laugh
Box burst... Wizards of waverly
Place with that magic, Alex always
Getting in trouble and she don't care!
Ha ha! Sonny witha chance, Sonny
Always get caught in situations but,
She makes her way out of it! Suite
Life on Deck, Bailey and Cody is
A mess! Don't get me started with Londan crazy self!
Ewww! That's fake! Get it away from me!
Lol... Hanna Montana I don't know how she
Can maintain her secrect like that!
She doing a good job at it though!
Gotta give you your probs miley! Haha!
I love disney channel yes I do! Now, we about to
Remix it with "I love you Charlie"
That's going to be one crazy show right there!
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Disney Channel Lyrics

Alvin Grisham – Disney Channel Lyrics