In this rusting blue intransigence
In this season of the dead
On a journey dark as this one is
You' re a city up ahead
I guess I woke up yesterday
From dreams I can recall
I'm hoping you'll show me the way
When I can't find mine at all

You're a station of the cross
You are a sign when I am lost
You're a fire on the coast
To warn me of the waiting rocks
You're a station of the cross
I'm on your train of thought

I can' t relive each moment when

I got too close to truth
With fingers burned and shaken head
I shunned all further proof
Whatever we are meant to be
Then surely we become
Though every day takes me
Away from realisation

I travelled every road I found
As far as it would go
I followed every wayward sound
It's source I had to know
But in the end I fell, my friend
Into a ditch with flies and rags
You lifted me out just in time
With the darkness closing fast
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Station Of The Cross Lyrics

Adrian Borland – Station Of The Cross Lyrics