You know the summer's gone
When the wind hits your face
And you feel you don't belong
In such a god-forsaken place
You try to beat the cold
But the world won't be controlled

And the time rushes on
And the future's yesterday
Though you'll never see twenty-three again
The truth is cruel but plain
It's a world you can't contain

And the sky's matt black tonight
But the day will paint it blue
And the sun will scale the heights
But it won't shine down on you
And if I could stop the world I would
Or if I could freeze the time where it stood
But there's nothing I can do to stay with you When all you've held high
Is lowered like a flag
You can't salute and every dream you've had is gone
It's a world that's moving on

When the signs are clear to see
Will you look the other way
Will it bring you to your knees
Will you feel the need to pray?
Whatever you believe in
It's a world you'll be leaving
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I Can't Stop The World Lyrics

Adrian Borland – I Can't Stop The World Lyrics