Gazing up from the pavement
In amazement, wonder and fear
At the stars that shine like perfection
Though you can't see the edges from here
I remember the first time I touched them
I recoiled from the shock and I fell
Back to the earth where I lay now
With a longing I never dispel

And all I wanted was to want something too much
And all I needed was the feeling of needing to touch
When I stuck my hand in the heavens
All it came back with were cuts
From the dangerous stars, those dangerous stars

It's like the second between expectation

And the feeling the moment has gone
Injected then left to the craving
A voice with no access to song
I remember pieces of clothing
Ripped as they clung to the rocks
Like the ones who must weep in the shadows
For the highs and the lows and the loss
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Dangerous Stars Lyrics

Adrian Borland – Dangerous Stars Lyrics