Are you scared to touch do you think that I won't be contagious
One minute I'm a freak and next you say I am genius
Little meetings nonsense greeting claims that you will make me
It's wearing me out
Bringing me down

Will you push me cause I'm standing on the edge now of a breakthrough or breakdown
I never wanted anything more so don't you forget even though
I'm a little jaded and complicated I won't back down

Isn't this the same road the same road that we've been down
Empty promises and running into brick walls
Simple life it calls to me but now I'm screaming out for more
Its wearing me out
Its bringing me down


Traveling a million miles just to reach the same place back
Where we started from can't you feel the deja vu
All my hopes and dreams it only hurts me when I laugh
It's wearing me out
It's bringing me down
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Breakthrough Or Breakdown Lyrics

You're Pretty – Breakthrough Or Breakdown Lyrics