A lonely man sits in a bar and waits for a friend but in this bar he meets his future wife instead
A couple whose about to separate breaks down in a small town they are stranded
But in a $30 room lost love is found

You're broken and you're spent
You're whole life seems to be
One long bad day
Then this beautiful accident
Reveals a new path
That you might have missed

A woman muses runs her hand across her stomach pregnant with son
And thinks god this ruins everything I'd planned
She's lying in her white bed holding her head
Wishing she could change the past
But regrets quickly fade the moment he's in her arms


You are finding your way and regaining some faith you're alive again

Just when you think it can't get worse
A chance encounter that couldn't be rehearsed
For some unknown reason you finally see
What was dark is now light
Your life has changed by accident


You're broken and you're spent you're whole life has been an accident
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Beautiful Accident Lyrics

You're Pretty – Beautiful Accident Lyrics