Well now the rain washed back yesterday
Bringing thoughts of wasted time
And the water I brought flowed swiftly through your mind
Opening your eyes to the stars just to pray
Hoping more rain will wash your garden away
But your flowers just bloomed
Ever bright ever proud screaming I hate you so loud
Sister tell me will you ever bow
To what grows in your garden now
Yes the weeds of consequence get more day bu day
Of decisions you could have better made

Paper flowers sparkle by an old tree
But remember even paper flowers cut
Your garden shakes with the wind
But I will not fall down
Scattering seeds all around
Somewhere on the landscape lies
A place next to your heart
But the grass goes wide and even
And soon that too will be torn apart
Over bounds sprinkling more seeds to the ground
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What Grows In Your Garden Lyrics

Wolfgang – What Grows In Your Garden Lyrics