Your Shapeless Body

Like a dance in the wind.
I float on the soft air,
Towards the tide of mankind.
One with my mind.
One with your mind.

Lying on my back watching,
The heavy rain-clouds passing.
Like a ship filled with tears.
In my mind oceans collide...
And the worlds drifting apart.
Into a sunset of emptiness.

I Can hear your calls...
I Can hear your screams...
I Can feel your cries inside...
I can hear your cries inside.

Now I'm drowning in infinitive tears,
Like drifting on the clouds by the wind.
In a dream that will last forever...
Or shall I awaken at your side.

When I enter my subconscious.
Your voice whispers to me.
Calls out my name in silence.
Like a soft kiss in the rain.

How I love the sound of your voice
And the calmness of your heart.
It fills my body with such tenderness.
Like a sweet cloud of incense.
To drift off with you into the sea.
Dance upon the waves of yesterday.
Like a dream of never-ending beauty.
Love never dies...
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Your Shapeless Body Lyrics

Whispering Gallery – Your Shapeless Body Lyrics