Soul Sacrifice

I'm tired of the ghosts
That haunt me.
Cannot seem to let
Them go.

I now want to end it all.
Surrender to myself.
Give up every hope for life.
Into emptiness I fall.

No salvation for my soul
Before I'm lost.
I'm in the hands of
The unknown.

Now I'm free.
From my earthly bounds.
I can go as I please.

Do I seek eternal peace,
Or shall I roam amongst
The everlasting silence
Of my eternal sleep.

Now see what you've done,
You've chosen Immortality.
Now you're forever free.

Is this what you wished for
And now received.
A life of endless despair.

Oh no trapped inside my destiny.
No escape from my immortality.

I don't want to spend my
End this way.
My soul's lost as I scream
And fade away.

You've made a soul sacrifice.
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Soul Sacrifice Lyrics

Whispering Gallery – Soul Sacrifice Lyrics