She’s got an eye on youThere’s nowhere to hideShe keeps her motives stillDeep down insideShe shows no mercy, noShe plays it roughShe don’t want no moneyShe just wants to loveLove stealer, raw dealerHeart breaker, love takerYeah yeah ...She walks in the shadowsAs she waits for the nightShe gets what she’s looking forShe knows how to fightIf you see her comingThen you’d better knowIf your love’s for the takingShe’ll steal the showShe just can’t go round there firstFacing the jointThen she’ll move inAnd get right to the pointSo keep your love locked awayDon’t let it showOr the love stealer will rock youFor more than you’ll know
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Love Stealer Lyrics

Uriah Heep – Love Stealer Lyrics

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