(know yourself)This is our world, our futureThese are our timesI believe we have to seeIn silence there’s no mysteryThe world is so busy talkingWhat do they knowThey’re missing out on being aliveWords are turning into liesWe’re looking for love to guide usWhat do we knowThe truth is never to be toldIt’s waiting there inside your soulThe innocent joinIn fighting so easilyIn a world of pain and warWho knows what they’re fighting forWhat they’re fighting forOh, what they’re fighting forWhat they’re fighting forMany rivers running out to seaOne heart with a cry for loveMany dreamers in a moonlit skyOne sigh and they are goneLove is the only directionThat leads to truthKnowing in your heart what’s rightYou’ll walk upon the sea of lightThere’s somethingIn love and silenceThat you can findKnow yourself and all aroundListen to the only sound
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Love In Silence Lyrics

Uriah Heep – Love In Silence Lyrics

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