Tryin’ to make it backTo my old home townI’ve been driving sinceThe break of dawnGot a feeling like a feverBurning in my brainWhen I see herIt’ll be all gonePacific highwayGetting nearer nowAnd I feel likeThe dream is coming truePacific highwayGetting closer nowI don’t need directionsTo find my way back to youTake another turningOn the old creek roadMaking sure I don’t get lostI’m hoping to hellMy taco’s reading rightGet ahead no matterWhat the costTryin’ to take it easyOn the old home stretchBut city limits come into sightI’m getting ready for my bettyGod how I missed that girlWe’re rock-n-rollin’Through the nightI don’t need directionsTo find my way back to youI only got five more miles, yeahOnly four more miles, yeahI only got three miles, two milesOne mile to go
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Pacific Highway Lyrics

Uriah Heep – Pacific Highway Lyrics

Songwriters: P. LANZON, B. SHAW
Pacific Highway lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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