Miss Molly had a steam boat,
The steam boat had a bell,
Miss Molly went to heaven,
The steam boat went to hell-o operator,
Please give me number 9,
And if you disconnect me,
I'll kick you in the behind the yellow curtain,
There Was a piece of glass,
Miss Molly sat upon it,
And hurt her big fat ass-k,
Me no more questions,
Tell me no more lies,
The boys are in the washroom,
Doing up their fly-ies
Are in the city,
Bees are in the park,
Miss Molly and her boyfriend are
Kissing in the dark, dark, dark

The dark is like a movie,
A movie's like a show.
A show is like a video
And that is all I Know, know, know

My mother is the queen,
My father is king-kong,
My sister is the physco one
Who made this stupid song, song, song!
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Miss Molly Lyrics

Unknown – Miss Molly Lyrics