Well, I woke up this morning,
I was feeling mighty bad,
Well, my baby said, "Good morning,"
Hell, it made me so mad,

cho: Because l'm evil, well, evil-hearted me,
I am so doggone evil, evil as a man can be.

Yeh, she even made my breakfast,
And she brought it to my bed,
Well, I took a sip of coffee,
Threw the cup at her head,

Now I don't even care,
If my baby leaves me flat,
'Cause I got forty-leven others,
If it comes to that,
And I don't even care
If it rains from now on
An' if the gile that I love
Ain't never been bo'n.

Recorded by Josh White
@blues @love
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Evil Hearted Man Lyrics

Unknown – Evil Hearted Man Lyrics