Eternity for each and every one of us
Will you ascend and see the faith of St. Peter
As he smiles and greets you with a warm welcome?
Or will you climb to the likes of him who would have you
Spend eternity begging for mercy
The choice is yours
Do you care?
You should.

No relation or 2nd coming of a dark spawn
We're preparing a path for the children of Babylon
In search of Zion or a chemical release
At least it gives up inner peace for a second so we can sleep
Riddled by day dreams and puzzled by life
All of us are running through darkness in search of the light
As the demons disappear like phantoms in mirrors
And re-appear transformed in the form of your fears
I got a feeling that you think it's a phony and far fetched
Till you're devoid of all hope and brutally helpless
It's necessary to never let it get worse than its gotten
I'll go on forever even after you're rotten
And depending on the karma of spirit dwelling in inner being
Will determine eternity unless you intervene
With your man made destiny and the myth it withholds
You will never find the light as long as your eyes are closed

Are you going to hell or heaven?
Did you walk with the sinners or pray with the reverend?
Tell the truth, I did a little of both
And ain't no telling where I'm going till my body's a ghost
And we sing
The whole world's gonna hate me in the end
When they're surrounded by nothing but the fire
You can lie but you're soaking in sin
When you die let your karma begin
From the beginning to the end

You can see it all around you right?
So don't act like you don't recognize the light
And in spite of all the things that you did and I forgive
You will end up sitting where the devil lives
I told you all in the beginning I would have the last laugh
And your karma is the reason that you burn like gas
And in the past I've been known to be a little too passive
But like I just said I'll be the last one laughing
Hopefully this will all make sense
When you're looking at the fiery fence and I commence
To keep walking through time with a list of these names
That I guarantee their karma's gonna burn in the flames
So speak my name and hate me for what I'm saying
But trust me I ain't playing I think you should start praying
Hoping it starts paying off the poison that you're spraying often
Enough to really tick me off and I bust


Now you can do whatever you want to me
But in the end your gonna burn like weed
It may seem like he's working for me but I swear there's no ties
Just a collaboration of your bullshit and lies
And your dreams will come when I rise like the sun
And bring the drama with the motherfucking
I'm the chosen one so all your guns are obsolete
You better bring the devil when you think of fucking with me

At the point where you cease an exist to be
And clinch your fist in the state of the sight of your own grim reality
It ain't nobody's fault but your own
You had a choice in life now it's gone and it's time to move along
You can float to the heavens where the angels fly away
Or descend into gallows where atheists learn to pray
Ain't no place you want to stay so you better choose wisely
Unless you want to gamble with whatever might be


Speak my name and hate me for what I'm saying, but trust me I ain't playing (in reverse)
From the beginning to the end
Speak my name and hate me for what I'm saying, but trust me I ain't playing (in reverse)
From the beginning to the end
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Karma Lyrics

Twiztid – Karma Lyrics