Shouldn't we two be together

You know what I mean

To be with you is something like a dream (you know what I mean)

And if you want me to

I'll bring sunshine to you only
You better stop, take a look about

You know what I mean
If only you could see the dreams that seem to mean so much to me
Then you'd know the reason why
I would rather say "I do" than say
Goodbye and let you go forever

Wouldn't we two be together

Can't you see that I want you
For me forever
C# F#
Wouldn't we two be together

Verse 3:

B C# B C#
Do you know what I mean, can't you read in between the lines
Sometimes I'm talking and it doesn't seem too clear
But if you have to know
I'm in love if only you know what I mean

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You Know What I Mean Lyrics