Ba da da da da da da
Daytime dreamin', gettin' involved only halfway deeo
Nighttime schemin', seemin' to be like I'm sound asleep

Sound asleep, spendin' my time on a dream that I'm about to see come
Sound asleep, keepin' my mind on you
Children singing, something for all little yous & mes
Winter springing, summer or fall
Drifting away day by day, farther away (far away)
The better I feel
Ba da da da da da da
Ba da da da da da da, da da da da


(horns & scat singing, fading out)
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Sound Asleep Lyrics

Turtles – Sound Asleep Lyrics

Songwriters: Pons, Jim / Volman, Mark / Nichol, Al / Barbata, John / Kaylan, Howard
Sound Asleep lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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