(Music Playing)

Ima jus get righ to it

Feelin lik a million
A trillion
Bills and um

Na ima jus
Wait til it drop
Aight lets go (Yupp)

(1st Verse Singin)
Feelin lik a million trillion bills an I'm revealin all this jewlery
Chickens wanna c*** a doodle me
Wouldn that be col ta me
Let em think day schoolin me
They get no with argues an day brains lik a tool ta me

Yes I'm fresh um
Leanin 2 tha left um
Liquor on ma breath
B*****s singin 2 tha left 2 tha left
Do ya step do ya step
I'm drunk but I can drive ma self

(2nd verse Fynch)
An ima va n***a drankin all da bottles at da bar
Yu can tell I'm star
Shoulda seen me hoppin out da drop
26s ma n***a
Ridin high smokin
Ma weed come in a jar
Keepin it hood ma n***a
Drankin ma lean out tha bottle
Gotta have a pocket fulla money jus ta be at ma car doe
An I aint thankin bout a hata cuz da pump in da car doe
I'll leave yu slump in ya car low
Throw dem dueces ma n***a
Day gon have ta catch me tamorro
If I come an day follow
I be gunnin tha throttle
4 5 on ma side when day come wit tha hollows
All da ladies day love me
Thaey lik da way I be leanin
Geeked up treed up an I'm promethescenin
[Hook:] 3x
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Yes I'm Fresh (feat. Fynch Money Baggz) (Instrumental Of Pills) Lyrics