(Music Playing)

Ima jus get righ to it

Feelin lik a million
A trillion
Bills and um

Na ima jus
Wait til it drop
Aight lets go (Yupp)

(1st Verse Singin)
Feelin lik a million trillion bills an I'm revealin all this jewlery
Chickens wanna c*** a doodle me
Wouldn that be col ta me
Let em think day schoolin me
They get no with argues an day brains lik a tool ta me

Yes I'm fresh um
Leanin 2 tha left um
Liquor on ma breath
Bitches singin 2 tha left 2 tha left
Do ya step do ya step
I'm drunk but I can drive ma self

(2nd verse Fynch)
An ima va nigga drankin all da bottles at da bar
Yu can tell I'm star
Shoulda seen me hoppin out da drop
26s ma nigga
Ridin high smokin
Ma weed come in a jar
Keepin it hood ma nigga
Drankin ma lean out tha bottle
Gotta have a pocket fulla money jus ta be at ma car doe
An I aint thankin bout a hata cuz da pump in da car doe
I'll leave yu slump in ya car low
Throw dem dueces ma nigga
Day gon have ta catch me tamorro
If I come an day follow
I be gunnin tha throttle
4 5 on ma side when day come wit tha hollows
All da ladies day love me
Thaey lik da way I be leanin
Geeked up treed up an I'm promethescenin
[Hook:] 3x
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Yes I'm Fresh (feat. Fynch Money Baggz) (Instrumental Of Pills) Lyrics

Trey Songz – Yes I'm Fresh (feat. Fynch Money Baggz) (Instrumental Of Pills) Lyrics