It's still ringing in my ear
You screamin' "I don't care"
And I can see it like it just went down
Me walking out of there
I still see 'em on your face baby
So many tears
And I remember feeling like I'm bout to explode
I gotta get out of here

It's like my sun won't shine
It's like my ride don't roll
It's like the only one thing I love
Don't love me no more
It's like my right gone wrong
It's like my ice gone warm
It's like the only one thing I love
Don't love me no more

If I hadn't just slacked up on my pimping
You'd be here with me
If I'd a stayed instead of dipping
You'd be here with me
If I'd a prayed instead of wishing
You'd still be here with me
But all the ifs in the world won't bring you back again

I wish that I could run that back
But in life you can't press rewind
'Cause the only way to fix this thing
Is to go back in time
'Cause if I had my way
Yesterday would be right now
Instead of fighting we'd be making love
Until the sun go down


[Chorus: x2]

[Verse Three]
If I could just hold my shawty
If I could kiss my shawty
If I could get my shawty back
If I could just see you baby
If we could talk then baby
I would have my lady back


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All The Ifs Lyrics

Trey Songz – All The Ifs Lyrics

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