(1st Verse T-Pain)
Baby gurl
Wuts yo name
Lemme talk to ya
Lemme buy yu a drank
I'm T-Pain
Yu no me
Konvict music Nappy Boy Oooh Wee
I no tha club
Close at three
Wuts tha chances of yu rollin wit me
Back to da crib
Show yu how I live
Lets get drunk
Fa get wut we did

Ima buy yu a drank
(Oh weeee Ima take yu home wit me)
I got money in da bank
(Shawty wut ya think bout dat I be in tha grey caddilac)
We in tha bed lik
Oh Ooh Oh Ooh
Oh Ooh
We in da bed lik
(Trey) Ooooooh oooooh Oh

(2nd verse Trey)
Wuts yo name
I'm Tremaine
I got game fa days wit deez dames
Don complain
Stay in yo lane
Pop champagne wit ma nigga TPain
Wut yu no about Louis tha 13th
Yu aint no stripper an I aint in luv
Lemme give yu a tip while we up in this club
Let me buy yu a drank
(Yung Joc)
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Buy Yu A Drank Lyrics

Trey Songz – Buy Yu A Drank Lyrics