On my way
Oh Oh
Oh yeah
Comin' for you
The day was crazy
I know you been waitin'
But baby girl it won't be long
'Cause soon I'm coming home
Oh the phones just started ringing
And my boys done got to fightin'
Next thing you know my mama called
Talking bout her car done stalled
I was almost there baby
And the sky just got hazy
Then rain began to fall
Then Grandma start going off
But I swear I'm comin' baby
I'm so sorry to keep you waitin'
You just keep holding on
Sleet, hail or snow
I want you know to know

I'm comin' for you
Get that love ready
Hold steady
My lady
I'm comin' for you
get them hugs ready
Hold steady
My lady
I'm comin' for you

Now the po's done pulled me over
But I swear girl I was sober
See they said I fit descriptions
Of a man that killed a witness
Ooo baby this ain't fair
'Cause I was almost there
So just keep holdin' on
Sleet, hail or snow
I want you to know


Speedin' hydroplaning
On this rainy road
I know you need me so I gotta go
If your lovin' was smoke
Then my baby's dro
And I need a hit so yo I gotta roll
And it don't matter what I gotta do
Get out my way 'cause see I'm on the move
No need to wonder who I'm comin' to
I'm coming for you


Rain sleet hail or snow
I just need you know
That I'm coming for you

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Comin' For You Lyrics

Trey Songz – Comin' For You Lyrics

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