I've got asthma and I can not breath
Can't breath at all!
I've got an inhaler with me
I am choking and my face is blue
Blue and it's getting worse!
I think I will have to lie down... coz
I've got ASTHMA yeah I've got ASTHMA
Yeah I've got ASTHMA...
I've got asthma and I am wheezing
Wheezing like mad!
I don't think I will sleep tonight
I think I'll reach for my inhaler
Good idea!
I hope it makes me feel better... coz
My inhaler needs a refill
What shall I do?
The Chemist is not open yet
Blue face, can't breath and I'm still wheezing
Dear me! dear me!
I just do not know what to do... coz
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I've Got Asthma Lyrics

Toy Dolls – I've Got Asthma Lyrics