[Vokal: Zoran Sandorov]

Isn't everything a price we have to pay
There's no love, only hate
Don't cross the line the Devil's gate
Just wash away the pain
When seven minds like seven sides
Are cold...

You can't see it's face
But the voice is everywhere
A Nightmare
That puls you down into despair
As a Slave, blind and weak
A Secret you must keep a Painfull
Grip in your sleep...

Oh, the Wall, you can't get away
A Face of Goodness
But it had the Devil's shape
You're burried in you
Running into deep, swallen failure
Lost forever in it's dream...

You can't win this race
Cause the Wall is in your head
The Wall of steelness
Gray and bloody red
Like the way life makes Death
Realize before you regret
Be ready for the End...
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The Wall Lyrics

Tornado – The Wall Lyrics