[Vokal: Zoran Sandorov]

Altho' there is a road you can take
You ain't got the power - you ain't got the will
The burden is too heavy - your friends are fake
And no-one will help you get on top of the hill

Force your muscles - Force your brain
You gotta make it - thru the rain
No matter the drops of sweat on your face
You gotta make it - Win the race

Black Swan Rider - Storm Fighter - riding with the wind
Fly across the endless ocean - before the rain begins
Black Swan Rider - You got to win!!!

Don't believe in stories sayin' it's late
Just keep on climbin' - don't ever stop
You don't have no lover - You don't have no mate,
But don't lose your courage - don't let yourself drop!
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Black Swan Rider Lyrics

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