[music & lyrics Thegn Damieus]

The woods are silent
Strange clouds loom on horizons crowned white
Lurk doom-fogs of frost
Soon the lands will freeze and die

And now the skies spit forth snow
Gales of ice like bellows blow
The day-star no longer illumines
The world freezes under the eye of the moon

Summon the ogre-winds
Furious clouds of ice shards
Blizzards of sententrion
Dread of the sting of rime

Decline to vast deserts of snow
Where wicked winter talons grope
Extinguish the light of Jesus
All directions face north

The folly of Christ is raped with ice
Gelid squall, brumal blight
The boreal hordes
Purge the mirth, oust amour...


Entomb the green in glass
Eternal night at last
Rear the ebon palace
Dominion of nefast

Our sempiternal reign
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Falling In The White Tempest Lyrics

Thokk – Falling In The White Tempest Lyrics