[music & lyrics Thegn Damieus]

Eventide sets about Castle Vyrence
Autumnal winds blow leaves through it's iron gates
Thorny towers of cold stone loom
Silhouetted against a darkening vault
The naked limbs of hemming trees
Now the brume-cloaked haunts of bats
My dark spires cast long shadows
Where these terror-mists have set
I am the learned diabolist
I am the sorcerer of Vyrence
And with my bone-carven demon pipe
I enchant the song of wolves...

Baleful... Haunting... Eldritch... Piping
Hearken ~ the hymn of might
For it's lethargic dream-spell bemuses
I gaze up at the sanguine eye
While dark shapes bay in the courtyard below

I conduct the dark shapes
Lend an ear to the woods wind
The howls...

This eve we must abscond
To the filthy abbey of Perigon

Storm the abbey... Assail the clergy
About the fat monks throats
Lupine jaws of my assassins clamp
Tear their pious neck to shreds
And rip their holy robes to shreds

Delight to the serenade of the wolf
The horror-clawed ghosts of night
Like ebon-furred demons
Form the strange labyrinth of woods

Prepare the relics
Such lavish kindling they provide
The flames like a furnace
Leap from blazing Perigon
My cachination resounds
Above the boister of fire
Return to my Ivied tower of wont
Return the wolves to the night

I scent the passing smoke
Grey ghosts of the abbey raped
Drifting across the harvest moon
Beware the demon notes of the hunting wolf...
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Wolf-Hymn Lyrics

Thokk – Wolf-Hymn Lyrics