Come little lately
Get your shine on
Meet me at the gate
There's nowhere to go
I can't be late

I feel cool-
Aware-that I'm sinking
The firmament is swallowing me whole
And I'm on a roll again-

Come, little lately
Get your shine on
Kiss my pretty face
And let me bleed awile
The people want a taste
So taste me-

I feel cool-
I get around-
My blood-they wanna steal it
A lonely boy will stand
When others crawl
And I can feel them coming at me

All the lights will breathe the same air
As I behold the view

Come, little lately
Get your shine on
Step out of the shade
And let me breathe awhile
For god has come to play
So play me-

The air-
The night-
My blood-you're gonna feel it
The everlasting love has turned to snow
And I wanna fell it all over

Never-no one
I wait-ever
I feel-this light
But I conceal
No one complete
This mess, replete
Perfumed in mud
Christened by a wave-
This is neverlasting love
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Esta Noche Lyrics

The Twilight Singers – Esta Noche Lyrics