Hey there, boy
So good to see you again-
I heard your woman left you-
I heard you quit your band,
How you on money?
You still feeing that jones?
Man, you don't look like you used to
My god, you look like a ghost

There's a riot goin' on
Inside of me-
Won't you come inside
See what I see?
Them boys was drinkin'
Goddam, I got me a gun
We goin' cappin later on-
Don't that sound like fun?

I know how to get my way.
To make you love me- enchante'

Now, hey love you when yr alone-
Let's call jackie, see if he ain't home-
Baby, I'm alright-
Playin tricks with the light-

They love me down in texas
My home while I'm away
God knows, I got my reasons
For every muthafuckin thing I say
Everytime you go away-
Take me down, I have gone astray
Take me down.
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St. Gregory Lyrics

The Twilight Singers – St. Gregory Lyrics

Songwriters: TOBIAS DULLI

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