Stephanies of the world, unite
You've got nothing to lose but face
Coordinate, organize, represent your case
They're issuing orders
Down at headquarters
The Stephanie Party line
And you can do what you like
With Dwayne and Wayne and Spike and Ike and Mike


Stephanies of the world, beware
You're running out of space
You've got Stephanies everywhere
They're crawling all over the place

And there's a definite lack of
Keeping track of
Numbers 2 through 5, 8, and 12
And no one knows what they said
To Todd and Rod and Ed and Ted and Fred


It was Stephanie against Stephanie
Till she thought of joining forces
She tried to be their leader then,
According to my sources
There's a limitless supply
With one born every minute
But she really only wants a world
With just one person in it

No one ever knew
It will hurt more when they do
And they will
You know the drill

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Stephanies Of The World Unite Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – Stephanies Of The World Unite Lyrics