Last time I listened to you
Well I almost wound up dead
You said things would get better
But it hasn't happened yet
And when I look at your picture
I can't believe it's true
So that's the last time I listen to you
So I'm gonna get trashed
And I might just get a gun
Just to show you I'm desperate
And to keep you hanging on
You say it would have succeeded
Without those meddling kids
But I'm not gonna listen to this
And I know I got carried away
And they might have to amputate
And it's all gonna show
The day the music choked
It's gonna be sad
And you're gonna get upset
You'll be checkin the papers
And you'll wonder where I went
Dialing 900 numbers
For something new to do
Cause that's the last time I'll listen to you
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Last Time I Listened To You Lyrics

The Mr. T Experience – Last Time I Listened To You Lyrics