All the working buds are craning their necks
She knows they love it when she's wearing a dress
She works hard to erase the lines on her face
She's got pills to help her cope with the stress.

All the office guys are scratching their heads
She won't take any of them home to bed
After she's had her fill she hands them the bill
And then laughs on the phone with her friends

But she gets tired, all the games she likes to play wear her down

He got fed up with all the cards up her sleeve
All the half truths he tried to believe
And that night at the top when she kissed the cop
It just seemed like it was time to leave

She thought it may have been time for a break
But lately feeling like it was a mistake
She got the note that he wrote and started to gloat
But was left with a dull stinging ache

She gets tired all the games she likes to play wear her down
She can't forget and regrets the one she lives without
On the edge of town

But if she let go would it all come crashing down?
If she let go, and it all came crashing down he'd stick around
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Sarah's Game Lyrics

The Loved Ones – Sarah's Game Lyrics