"I think they're losing more momentum every day
They're trying 3% percent too hard, can't you see the look there on his face?
I think they'll do okay for now
And in a year throw in the towel
But they're losing their momentum every day"

"they won't be doing this much longer without pay
And when it all comes crashing down, oh I can't wait to see the day
We can say we told 'em so
They're just a little bit too old
And they can head home, head in hand like a disgrace"

Do I regret I even wasted the breath it took to sing?
Do I regret I ever admitted to a little and bled it all out on the page?
Do we regret they're out there waiting?
For someone honest to take the stage?
Will they want their ten bucks back
Or leave knowing that this means more than anyone could pay?
It's all just as well
The ones that can tell
Know we're here to play
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Player Hater Anthem Lyrics

The Loved Ones – Player Hater Anthem Lyrics