Our shadows dance on the bedroom wall
If only this night could last a little longer
For now I'll hold you close and pretend that I'm not leaving

I know your scars start to feel more sore
On nights like this where I can't bear to face
The fact that I'm not sure which road makes sense to take

It's clear to me that you're the one
Who won't tell lies or turn tail and run
I know you're tired of feeling like we're under the gun
Just hold on tight my lonely one

This isn't quite what you bargained for
I know it stings to always prop up on someone whose own
Selfish heart seems to be the one that's beating

But we would die if we just keep score
Just give me time I know it feels like you've put
Everything on hold but I swear I'll make this right

Heaven knows I need you here
But hell's stoking up my hopeless fear
Oh god please just give this purgatory a little rest
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Please Be Here Lyrics

The Loved Ones – Please Be Here Lyrics

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