I hear you on the phone telling all your friends I'm a liar.
Telling all your friends you see fire in me, no desire in me.

Well your left eyebrow is always on the burn.
Your right eyebrow is always my concern.

Tell me tell me tell me, what the fuck do you see in me?
'Cause I don't see it.

Well I heard you on the phone, heard you on the phone,;
I hear you on the phone and you broke my new alarm clock.

I saw you in my class. You're holding photos of a mall rat.
And wondering if you'll get your paycheck yet, your paycheck yet.

But your left signals, they tell where to run.
Your right signals, they tell you where to turn.

Tell me tell me tell me, where the fuck do you think you'll run?
'Cause I can't help you.
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Alarm Clock Killer Lyrics

The Lips – Alarm Clock Killer Lyrics