Sing me a song about romance, disaster,
And make me want to listen to more.
You're covered in water and nuclear poison,
But so beautiful in blood and gore.

So give me your hand, I'll bring you down.
And dig into sand, I'll drop you down.
Tell me what did you see by the ocean.
Tell me anything you know about emotion.

'Cause I bet you say nothing in someone with something.
How is it you live this way?

Read me a poem about beauty and violence,
And try to get me to cry.
Now give me some vodka, a lighter, or ketchup,
And I'll recreate you in my mind.


Tell me anything you want. Anything you feel.
I still won't care to listen.
I got A.D.D.
Give me my sympathy and vaccinate me.
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A.D.D. Lyrics

The Lips – A.D.D. Lyrics