Escape into the eerie night
In the dark I'm out of sight
Shadows on the alley wall
Are dancing like a lover's brawl

North, south, east and west
Foreign land is right and left
Don't let them see you cry
I didn't know which way was home
Ten degrees without a coat
Don't let them see you cry

I don't want to love you
If love leaves me this cold
I don't want to love you
If love is this alone

Silence couldn't stop the sound
The news and gossip got around
A whisper here, whisper there
I do but don't know why I care

Eyes hang from the sockets of our faces
You said no and I don't think I can take it
This car's caving in
Rains on in the city traffic puzzle
Shifting pieces just like my stomach
We're both so alone
Lovesick and we're sick of it
We're both on the same page
Don't feel the same way
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City Traffic Puzzle Lyrics

The Hush Sound – City Traffic Puzzle Lyrics