In the backseat of a car
In the corner of a room
In the shadow's where I hide, from you

Do the Hospital Bed Crawl
And the termite on you,
And we're finally alone, I feel

Well, hey, you're the only thing I wouldn't change
In this place, it's strange to say
You're the only angel I ever gave away

In an alleyway way down town
There's a lurker making rounds
Keeping track and keeping tabs, on you

And he likes the taste of blood
And he loves the way you love
And that's just what he wants from you


I don't want no shining eyes
And darling don't you be polite
I'm not like all the other boys, I won't take a "no"
I'm soaking in your cinnamon,
I take in more than I can give,
Without you I'm alone, so I'll never let you go

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Hospital Bed Crawl Lyrics

The Hush Sound – Hospital Bed Crawl Lyrics

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